PRESS RELEASE 22nd May 2015


PRESS RELEASE 22nd May 2015


Dear Share Holders and Members,


I would like to take the opportunity and give you the latest information and up-dates that have taken place during the first five months of this year.


  1. After months of work behind the scenes we were able to launch SiteTalk 4.1.a few weeks ago. Anyone looking at the new design and content of this new landing page can only agree that is “in trend, cool, informative” and exactly what has been needed for a long time. All of you associated with SiteTalk can be extremely proud when showing SiteTalk to your friends and family members.
  2. We have recently introduced the simplified “sign up” process for new Members whereby they can actually use their Facebook account for the registration. To help accommodate this we also introduced a 13 digit random ID number for all new Members.
  3. Earlier in the year we added the function of being able to automatically have your post, comments etc. made within SiteTalk appear in your Facebook account. The difference being that when done firstly in SiteTalk you receive “activity points” and they will show up in Facebook anyway.
  4. At the beginning of the year we were able to launch the OPT system (Online Presentation Tool). The basic version is free for all Members at all times without any restrictions. This is a fantastic online tool that can be used to send pre-written email invites, videos etc. in a number of languages to friends, introducing SiteTalk, or SiteTalk CashBack to them. Members can also create their own “landing page” using pre-designed templates provided. We sincerely believe this tool will help grow the Membership base dramatically.
  5. In line with creating a modern image/design to SiteTalk we launched a couple of weeks ago the new SiteTalk CashBack platform. Not only has it taken on a great look but has added features to enhance the whole experience. We also have up-dated the “add on/plug-in” and made the registration process very simple and quick. New Members can use a number of existing accounts they possibly have, for example: Facebook, PayPal, gmail to register with.
  6. In March we increased the actual % of CashBack that Members can receive in North America with an average 60%. This has made our CasshBack program in North America in regards to hundreds of the best-known online shops available and the actual % paid out, the number one. We actually have at this time more than 6100 online shops/stores and we are still adding.
  7. Within the next two weeks we will be introducing our “referral program” to our CashBack Members in North America who have become Members due to our own Marketing activities. Of course this referral program is being made available to their friends and then theirs etc. This program is designed to increase the membership sign ups and thus online shopping within SiteTalk CashBack massively in the near future.
  8. The CashBack app development is moving forward at full speed and we anticipate completion/delivery for IOS end of July. We will then put it trough a “test” phase before releasing to the general public. The reason for the “later” than originally planed delivery end of March is that we decided to change the complete design to be able to enhance the new CashBack platform recently released. We have been told from the development company who actually built the app for the largest and biggest CashBack program in the world that are app will be absolutely awesome in comparison. Design work for the android version has started but it is too early to give an estimated launch date for this.
  9. The SiteTalk Tombola is turning into a tremendous success story. We have been able to introduced cash prizes along with the vacation trips and physical products and have the intention to add more prizes including increasing the value of the cash prizes in the next months. We will also be introducing “Country” specific Tombola’s. The software development has been completed and we will introduce one country in Europe and one in Asia in the very near future. The Country Tombola will have its own specific prizes making the Tombola special for resident Members.
  10. Development of the SiteTalk diary has also been completed and it is under going testing. This is also going to be a fantastic way of being able to inform and share all the positive things happening on/with SiteTalk. Members will be sharing their “winning” stories (for example Tombola winners) in other medias/platforms. What better way can there be to inform people about the FREE Tombola that showing them real stories from real people and the prizes they have won for free. This is another aspect/function that has been designed to attract new Members to SiteTalk and thus increasing the membership base in a big way.
  11. Another major improvement implemented the last couple of months is our internal automated emailing system. Not only have we increased the number of automated notifications etc. in multiple languages but also we have given the email templates a completely new modern design and look. This is of importance for SiteTalk as this is the major form of communication with the Members. We have had a great number of positive feedbacks relating to this enhancement.
  12. Last but not least with this press release we are extremely happy to inform you all that we have started to generate “ad revenue” on our various platforms. We now have been able to implement banners on all of the pages and on a number of pages. At this stage we are working with “Google AdSense” but have also been approached from a number of ad management companies. We have commenced communication with a number of them and are optimistic of a possible working relationship with one of them in the future. This is an extremely important revenue aspect for SiteTalk moving forward that has been made possible for the first time in our history due to the massive improvement of the site, design, content and added functions over the last 12-18 months. The larger the membership base is the higher the ad revenue will be along with the revenue generated within the CashBack platform.


We have managed to achieve and to introduce a large number of enhancements, improvements in a number of areas already this year along with the new “cool” look. Some of these are of great importance to the growth and future valuation of the company. The two main areas are clearly the CashBack platform and the up-coming app, plus of course the start of an Ad revenue. There is still a lot of work to do and the whole team is dedicated to achieving greatness.


Frank Ricketts, CEO SiteTalk Community Inc.

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