Press Release 06th January 2015


2014 Overview and 2015 Outlook


Global Digital Services Plc (

Dear Share Holders of GDS and Members of, the year 2014 has come to an end and we would like to re-cap on/list all the events, enhancements etc. that took place specifically on the platform, but also take a look at the plans and goals for 2015.

  1. Continuously added functions and a better handling of the platform.
  2. Introduced a system whereby the landing page displays pictures relating to the National holidays of 25 countries on the specific days.
  3. Created the first ever Social Media Loyalty program (Star Club).
  4. Created the first ever Loyalty program whereby someone is rewarded for the activities of others (10% of friends activities points).
  5. Introduced the possibility of using the FREE credits generated through activity points to pay 35% of the purchase price of various products in the shop.
  6. Developed our own SiteTalk CashBack program with nearly 6000 online shops at the end of 2014.
  7. Introduced banners that can be used for “bloggers” generating a “friends CashBack bonus” for the referrer.
  8. Implemented for all Members an “online account” with the added function to be able to make transfers “Members to Members”.
  9. Created a system for Members to be rewarded a “friends CashBack bonus” (10%) on the CashBack generated from the personal friends.
  10. Introduced the Star Club Executive Membership. This allows Members to receive activity points and CashBack on top of the 10% for the personal friends a further 5% through the 2nd and 5th level of their Social Network.
  11. Introduced the first ever FREE global Tombola with weekly and monthly draws. The free activity points can be used to “buy” Tombola tickets and there is a weekly and monthly Tombola ticket that Members can simply claim.
  12. Produced a number of short videos in various languages displaying various aspects of the platform, products, functions and services.
  13. Created our own “in-house” mailing system allowing us to increase our “notifications” possibility but also marketing activities.
  14. Introduced “” as a “homepage” setting with a direct login to your account.
  15. Started an “online banner” marketing campaign with one of the top companies out of Silicon Valley along with “Google ad-words” for the USA market.
  16. Created a presence on the African continent in Tanzania.

As you can see above it has been a very busy year with a lot achieved, but of course there are   a lot of improvements and things we wish to add/make within 2015.

  1. The talks that started with the United World Wrestling org. end of 2014 representing 150 million Members worldwide will continue in the first half of January. There is a high interest for both parties to find a strategic way to work together as soon as possible.
  2. The marketing campaigns on the USA market using “google adwords” and online banners will be drastically increased month for month. This will have a direct effect on the “CashBack” revenue for the company and Star Club Executive subscriptions throughout 2015 and the years to come. On top of this it is expected that membership growth on the USA continent will experience a massive growth accordingly.
  3. We will be simplifying the registration form/process for new members in the very near future.
  4. We will be introducing our own “OPT” (Online Presentation Tool) including an online conferencing system within January 2015. This will increase massively the ability to invite and introduce to your friends.
  5. Within January we will also be introducing the “SiteTalk diary”. This is where the various winners of the Tombola or Members with their special stories will be displayed. These can then be shared with Members around the world.
  6. The look of SiteTalk CashBack will be enhanced within the first quarter of 2015 along with the content and look of the landing page.
  7. Special promotions will be introduced within the CashBack program.
  8. Before the end of March 2015 we will be introducing the SiteTalk CashBack app. This will be available for apple and android. This app will be enhanced so as to replace the actual sitetalk app. improving the “mobile” aspect of SiteTalk immensely. After the launch end of March we will continuously add the various functions and features that are available on the platform.
  9. In the first half of 2015 we will be re-skinning the Tombola platform creating specific weekly and monthly Tombola’s on a country to country basis. In this way the prizes can be more “country” designed, making them even more attractive for the Members.
  10. We will be continuously looking for added services and products that we can introduce to the SiteTalk shop.
  11. We will be adding “Share and Like” functions on the platform to several other platforms enabling users to share posts to FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, Blogger, Blogmarks, Baidu,, Messenger, Reddit etc. This will of course generate activity points and allow us to spread the word about massively to the world.


We believe strongly that with the large number of enhancements and added functions/services implemented in 2014 along with those already scheduled for the first months of 2015 we will start to see extensive growth reflecting in the platforms statistics. Everyone can contribute in a positive manner to achieving this by;

1. Having as your start page on all the browsers you use. 
2. Down loading the Sitetalk CashBack plug-in/add-on in all the browsers you use. 
3. Login in activate your FREE Tombola ticket every week and check if you have won.

Remember the more friends you have doing exactly the same above and the more active you are on SiteTalk the more loyalty points you will generate, this means the more Tombola tickets you can “buy”. This of course gives you bigger chances of winning a prize in the Tombola.

We are in an extremely good position to take SiteTalk to the next level this year increasing the membership base and even more so the activity rate of each member accordingly. These two points are the key essential factors for the valuation of any Social Media based company and they will be our complete focus for this year. With growing numbers in these two areas we will have automatically increased revenue within all revenue generating areas of the platform which is obviously the third aspect that needs to be focused on.

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