Press Release 15th May 2014


SiteTalk 4.0 launched with more rewards


London, UK May 15, 2014 — Global Digital Services PLC (ECM:STC), owner of, one of the world’s fastest growing Social Networking Platforms with more than 15,000,000 Members, is pleased to announce the launch of SiteTalk 4.0, with a completely updated User Interface Design (UID), including improved navigation, SiteTalk Shop, powerful new photograph tagging capabilities and a brand new Mobile App for Android and Apple mobile phones.


Members logging in to the new SiteTalk will immediately notice the bold new design features. More than 100 scenic photographs from around the world now rotate on SiteTalk’s login page. These will be augmented with additional photographs that celebrate national holidays around the world, reflecting the global reach of SiteTalk as a social networking platform.


Frank Ricketts, Managing Director of SiteTalk Community Inc., stated, “With these new features we have now reached the top tier of social media platform websites, a league that includes popular websites like Facebook. The difference is that has many additional features that attract Members who believe that social media can—and should—also be a potential source of rewards and income for participants.”


The launch of SiteTalk Shop means that SiteTalkers have another way to use their SiteTalk activity points/credits. With each purchase from SiteTalk Shop, SiteTalkers will be able to pay 5% of the purchase price using credits earned from their activities on SiteTalk. Members of the Junior Star Club can pay up to 15%, and Senior Star Club Members up to 35% of their purchase price at SiteTalk Store using activity points/credits.


Among the first of the products to be offered in SiteTalk shop are Sense and Soul Organic Body-care products, ZAYN beauty products and FlexEat Protein Shakes.


SiteTalkers can transfer money through an online money transfer to their own SiteTalk account, make payments through a payment gateway, or use PayPal to purchase goods and services at SiteTalk.


The second phase of SiteTalk 4.0 development is ongoing and will include many more exciting new features to enhance the social networking and business experience at SiteTalk. Expect to see many of these launched in June and July of 2014.

About Global Digital Services PLC

Global Digital Services PLC trades on the Cyprus Stock Exchange’s Emerging Companies Market under the symbol STC. SiteTalk Community Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of GDS pursuant to a transaction that closed on July 30, 2013. Presently, Global Digital Services PLC’s sole asset is SiteTalk Community Inc., a multi-functional and multi-lingual social networking platform that enables members to connect, communicate and create business opportunities.

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