Press Release 8th January 2014


SiteTalk Announces 2013 Successes, Plans for 2014

For all of us at Global Digital Systems (GDS) and SiteTalk, 2013 has been an exciting year, and a successful year on multiple levels.

SiteTalk became a wholly owned subsidiary of GDS pursuant to a transaction that closed on July 30, 2013, a peak for the year and a watershed moment in the company’s history. This transaction will provide growth and value for existing shareholders and an entry point for new investors globally.

While this transaction was being organized and executed, our team at SiteTalk continued to make advances both on the development of the social networking platform and in terms of our Membership base.

This year, more than any year in our history, we have expanded and transformed the SiteTalk platform into a social networking experience that enables Members to connect, communicate and create business opportunities. And the result has been astounding! Member growth has continued its upward trajectory: We now have more than 15,000,000 Members worldwide.

As we noted in our previous announcement, daily pageviews per visitor have increased by 43%, time spent on the website has increased by 102% and our bounce rate has decreased by 6%, when comparing the present three month period with the previous three month period.

Wikipedia lists 198 major social networking sites globally, of which ranks 53rd, in terms of Global Rankings. How has SiteTalk become one of the world’s top social networking sites? Our success rests squarely on the uniqueness of our social media strategy and the success of our social media platform development.

SiteTalk is a networking platform that rewards the activity of its Members as well as providing storefront opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs globally. That means our Members get free credits to purchase SiteTalk Deals, bidding in SiteTalk auctions and more, simply by using SiteTalk! More than any other social networking platform in the world, SiteTalk brings together consumers and the businesses they want.

Other successful SiteTalk developments in 2013 include:

  • SiteTalk Cashback: 1%-5% cash back when shopping with any of our partners

  • The Star Club and Junior Star Club: Up to 5x extra points for Member activity

  • TradeFight: Win cash and have fun playing forex trade fights online

  • Micky Trade: Learn to trade in foreign exchange markets with the Micky Trade platform

  • SiteTalk Merchandise: An online shop allowing Members to purchase SiteTalk-branded merchandise was created

1 short paragraph on what’s coming up in 2014

As we head into 2014, I am excited by the thought of our continued success and am confident in our ability to continue to move forward quickly. We have a top-rate production team that will continue to provide our Members and Business Partners with an unparalleled experience. We remain committed to you, our Shareholders and Members and thank you for your continued support and confidence.


Frank Ricketts

General Manager, SiteTalk


About Global Digital Systems PLC

Global Digital Services PLC trades on the Cyprus Stock Exchange’s Emerging Companies Market under the symbol STC. SiteTalk Community Inc. became a wholly owned subsidiary of GDS pursuant to a transaction that closed on July 30, 2013. Presently, Global Digital Systems PLC’s sole asset is SiteTalk Community Inc., a multi-functional and multi-lingual social networking platform that enables members to connect, communicate and create business opportunities.

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