Press Release 03 - 27th November 2013


SiteTalk Expands Star Club Loyalty Program with new Junior Star Club Membership

London, UK November 20, 2013 — Global Digital Systems PLC (GDS PLC), owner of, one of the world’s fastest growing Social Networking Platforms with more than 15,000,000 Members, is pleased to announce that it is expanding its Star Club Rewards Program with a new Junior Star Club Membership Level.

Due to the overwhelming success of the “Star Club” Membership program, SiteTalk will introduce a Junior Star Club membership level to the Star Club program. This will be implemented during the month of December (anticipated start date 14th). Members will have the option to purchase a Junior Star Club membership for a monthly subscription of €15 in addition to the full €35 Senior Star Club Membership program.

The Star Club system allows all SiteTalk Members to accumulate points for various activities at Points can be earned for one-time activities like signing up and completing a user profile. Members can earn continuous activity points also, simply by being active on the website. For example:

One Time Points

First time login to 100 points

Member completes their profile, with a photograph: 200 points

Download the SiteTalk iPhone/Android App: 100 points

Upgrading the SiteTalk iPhone/Android App 50

Plus many more…


Continuous Activity Points

Login: 10 points (maximum 1 time per day)

Upload a photo: 5 points (up to 3 times per day)

Send an Invitation: 50 points (maximum 10 times per day)

Fill out a member’s profile (per invited person): 50 points (maximum 10 times per day)

Play a multiplayer game: 5 points (maximum 1 times per day)

Plus many more...


Members who subscribe to either the Star Club (€35 subscription level) or Junior Star Club (€15 subscription level) can reach one of five “Star” levels that will create a multiplication of points awarded for most activities on SiteTalk.

For example:

  • If you are a Senior Star Club Member with 5 Stars and you upload a photograph, you will get the normal 5 points multiplied by 5 (your number of stars) for a total of 25 points.
  • If you are a Senior Star Club Member with 3 Stars and you upload a photograph, you will get the normal 5 points multiplied by 3 (your number of stars) for a total of 15 points.

The Junior Star Club Membership will give subscribers a third of the extra points awarded to a Senior Star Club Member.

So a Junior Subscriber with 1,000 points of activity would earn:

  •    330 additional points if they have a 2-Star Rating (instead of 1,000 extra points)
  •    660 additional points if they have a 3-Star Rating (instead of 2,000 extra points)
  •    990 additional points if they have a 4-Star Rating (instead of 3,000 extra points)
  • 1,320 additional points if they have a 5-Star Rating (instead of 4,000 extra points)                                                                                            

 “This Junior Star Club Membership is essentially a preliminary way for Members to get a sense of what it means to be a Star Club Member,” said SiteTalk General Manager Frank Ricketts. “If you’re active on SiteTalk, you can really do well by being a Star Club subscriber because you’re actually making online money with your activities, and you can use this online money for real world products such as “bidding” for products on the auction site, or being able to send virtual gifts, or to buy a SiteTalk Deal for the restaurant around the corner.”

Star Club Members’ accumulated points may be redeemed for SiteTalk “C” credits that can be used for purchasing SiteTalk Deals, SiteTalk Bids, playing SiteTalk Games, for sending virtual gifts to friends, and more.

Users must log in at least once in any 28 day period, or their points and credits will expire.

For more information and a full listing of activities eligible for points, go to

About Global Digital Systems PLC

Global Digital Services has been created to acquire other companies that are in the online social networking space. Our focus is “Rough Gems” — enterprises that have outstanding potential but need a little help. Presently, Global Digital Systems PLC’s sole asset is SiteTalk Community Inc.

About is a multi-functional and multi-lingual social networking platform that enables members to connect, communicate and create business opportunities. SiteTalk allows people to meet or recommend products or services for the benefit of other members. SiteTalk’s goal is to ensure that everything that can be shared, bought, used, consumed, distributed or sold on the internet is made available on the SiteTalk platform, which in turn increases the scope of business opportunities for its members.

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